Business Excellence

A key vector that has helped Palle Seva corporations grow and establish themselves on the worldwide stage is that the sturdy business excellence movement within the Group

Excellence may be a continual quest at the Palle Seva Group and Palle Seva corporations area unit supported in their efforts to realize first standards altogether aspects of operations through group-level processes and systems that encourage and change business excellence.


Palle Seva corporations use the Palle Seva Business Excellence Model (PSBEM), that covers business aspects that vary from strategy and leadership, to safety and global climate change. PSBEM encourages continuous enhancements through a proper system of benchmarking and assessment.


The PSBEM initiative falls underneath the aegis of Palle Seva Quality Management Services (PSQMS), An in-house organisation mandated to assist totally different Palle Seva corporations bring home the bacon their business excellence and improvement goals.


The Palle Seva Business Excellence Convention may be a forum that brings along the champions of excellence in Palle Seva from all over the world. International consultants speak on challenges and opportunities.


The Palle Seva Award function held during the Annual Group Leadership Conference (AGLC) recognises Palle Seva companies & associates that have achieved important improvement and excelled within the quality journey.


Investing in innovation

Innovation — in thoughts, processes, approaches and techniques — has become a crucial vital issue for Palle Seva corporations as they conduct their business during a world without boundary lines. the target is to develop new and relevant merchandise and services and Palle Seva sees innovation because the suggests that to realize this.

The Palle Seva Group has adopted a three-pronged strategy to encourage and enhance innovation across business sectors and corporations. The 3 key drivers area unit higher communication and recognition of innovative ideas and efforts, facilities and initiatives that change learning from alternative corporations, and support for cooperative analysis and partnerships with world. .

Palle Seva Group Innovation Forum.

Managed by Palle Seva Quality Management Services (PSQMS), Palle Seva Group Innovation Forum (PSGIF) may be a spirited network connecting Palle Seva companies & associates everywhere the planet, stimulating innovative thinking and fostering collaboration and analysis. The forum organises variety of events and workshops and facilitates interaction between Palle Seva managers, innovation consultants and academicians. .

Bringing along technologists and researchers from totally different Palle Seva corporations, PSGIF undertook a technology mapping exercise, so corporations might gain by sharing their analysis and technology roadmaps, infrastructure, skills and competencies. Key innovation comes were known wherever several corporations might contribute. after, teams are shaped, that area unit with success acting on many cooperative comes. .


Palle Seva Vicissitude is an annual pan-Palle Seva event that encourages creative thinking and recognises and awards innovation in group companies.

Future Thinking

The Palle Seva group leverages innovative technologies, new thinking and breakthrough ideas to stay future-ready.

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